Culinair dineren delft | new menu- be the first to taste

tripje door boudoir

Ik baseer je culinaire tocht op de gerechten die je op onze menukaart ziet staan.

U hoeft ons alleen uw voorkeuren, uw soort smaak of tot welke culinaire gerechten u zich aangetrokken voelt door te geven of u kunt het gewoon door mij laten regelen en u laten verrassen. 

Ik stel de volgende tours voor waaruit je kunt kiezen:

  • Stedentrip €55,-

    4 gangen

  • Ontdekkingsreis €65,-

    5 gangen

  • Boottrip €75,-

    6 gangen

  • Verre reis €85,-

    7 gangen




  • Lightly heated scallops

    Thinly sliced over a Japanese cucumber carpaccio infused in fermented yuzu vinagrette, crowned with wild prawn tartar and finished off with dots of oyster mayonnaise.

  • Deep fried oysters

    These salty gems are dipped in a batter with high levels of carbon dioxide. Because we preserve it in a siphon, all these heavenly gasses stay active and present during the frying process to ensure a crispy and light tempura finish. Served over a crispy salad with a sider of sweet & sour pepper orange marmalade sauce.

  • Norwegian king crab cocktail

    Starting with a layer of thinly sliced iceberg lettuce, followed by tangy avocado, honey tomatoes and cilantro salsa, the cockatil is crowned with the delicate crab and our classical cocktail sauce.

  • Smoked tuna tartar

    Triple a sashimi grade, fresh tuna lightly smoked in our kamado joe grill. After being hand diced, the tartar is presented over Thai basil hollandaise sauce and finished off with jalapeño gel and pickled mangos.

  • Stuffed grape leaves

    This cured grape leaves are stuffed with a version of taboule in which i replace the fine bulgur by basmati rice. The leaves are subsequently cooked gently in lemon and tomato stock. after chilled, are presented on a creamy minty pea soup. Inspired by a very unique lebanese dish from my childhood.

  • Pan roasted foie gras

    Over a rustic french toast, a layer of roasted leek is spreaded. the roasted duck liver is placed on top and finished off with caramelized peaches and some pickled onions for balance.


  • Soft shell crab

    This very young and tasty crab is dipped in our tempura base and then deep fried before placing a thin chinese pancake on top. served with crunchy thai peanut sauce

  • Mediterranean octopus

    prevously cooked sous vide and is now grilled before presenting it over a fluffy sweet potato cake, topped with chorizo oil and salmon caviar.

  • My kibbeling

    Hereby my version of this popular and tasteful Dutch fried fish snack. i’ll be using thick loins of dry-aged cod fish to ensure a flaky texture on the inside. served over our unique ranch sauce and a bit of shredded takuan (Japanese fermented radish) to top it off.

  • Quickly smoked tenderloin

    Fresh beef loin quckly smoked before being served sliced roughly and thick. served with lemon beurre blanc and fresh wild garlic

  • Falafel patty

    This insanely crispy and fragrant falafel cake is made out of hydrated chickpeas, all minced together and loaded with 3 different kinds of fresh herbs and Lebanese spices. Finally deep fried and served with bulgur free taboule, lime sesame sauce and soft pita bread.


  • Grilled aged turbot

    One of the best flatfish with great flavour and firm white flesh. for this dish i chose to age it for 24 hours, to maximise it’s flavor and texture even more. Served with roasted yacon (water root) and finished with buttery white wine sauce. Flavoured with 2 kinds of caviar, minced cantabric anchovis and chives.

  • Wild seabass

    Looking for a very Caribbean way to bring this dish to you… i’ve decided to cook it slowly on the skin until it’s crispy, only on that side. it will be presented on our tomatillo sauce as a base and a cassava fried cake and topped off with avocado salsa with hints of jalapeño.

  • Wild Canadian lobster

    Gently poached in butter on the grill, inside it’s own shell. Then presented over a tangy and crispy Japanese salad, topped off with a sider of smoky clarified butter for dipping purposes.

  • dry aged ribeye & sea urchin

    Starting with a base of fresh wasabi root and warm soy sauce, bellow Japanese rice covered with roasted shredded nori, the ribeye is placed on top to finish it off, the ribeye will be topped with a mousse of sea urchin and sweet citric yuzu tea. to finish it off, the ribeye will be topped with a mousse of sea urchin and sweet citric yuzu tea.

  • Organic iberico pork

    From the farm noir de cochon locted in darp, a small town in the Dutch province of drenthe. This exclusive pork is slowly cooked in controlled temperature over 24 hours. The tender meat then gently roasted in our charcoal grill for aroma and crispness purposes. this summer i will be serving it with spanish romesco and spicy maple syrup to finish it off, the ribeye will be topped with a mousse of sea urchin and sweet citric yuzu tea.

  • Fake pork belly

    I’ll be treating this yellow trembling fungus, very common in the Netherlands, in a very similar way i do our iberico pork. Thanks to the texture and resilience of this mushroom it will allow you to have similar bite and sensations, as if you were eating real pork belly, but now completely vegan. I’ll be serving it with our Spanish romesco, cavolo nero and spicy maple syrup. to finish it off, the ribeye will be topped with a mousse of sea urchin and sweet citric yuzu tea.


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