What we care about

Universal cuisine

made up of creativity inspired by flavours from all over the globe, high quality standards to choose ingredients and to select procedures.

Every element, flavour and colour in our dishes will come from its original source. No shortcuts in our cooking. The more effort we invest inside our kitchen the more you will be rewarded. Because without you as my guest I will not be able to satisfy my addiction of pleasuring people with my cooking.

In our open kitchen you can enjoy our honest cooking.


Boudoir Le Mariage has a cosy and embracing set up considering lighting, music selection, decor, and aroma. Perfect to enjoy the culinary experience we are offering.

Our staff is highly motivated as he is involved in every aspect of our restaurant. We are few, we are family, and we love what we do. So, you can count on a very pleasant and professional service during your evening with us.


Amazing, great, or good wine its always easy to find. But what really makes the difference is the selection, and to be able to select properly you must know about your wines and must love food at the same time.

Niels is the name of my wine expert, and he possess these two qualities. You will have a blast with his charm and accurate sense to select wines based on your culinary preferences.