Restaurant Delft course menu

Do you want to make a gastronomic trip in Delft? Looking for a restaurant in Delft for a course menu? During an evening of culinary dining at Boudoir Le Mariage you will find surprising taste sensations of high quality. Whether you want to surprise someone or spoil yourself: extensive dining is always a special experience.

Restaurant Delft course menu: 4,5,6 or 7 courses

A trip through Boudoir is highly recommended! Especially if you don’t know which dishes you want to order from the menu. There is a choice of various gastronomic trips. Are you going on a four-course city trip? Or do you opt for a five-course voyage of discovery? A six-course boat trip is also possible! Even a long journey with seven courses is possible! In this way you are on holiday in your own country. Who wouldn’t want that? Do you have any allergies? Based on this, we create a menu especially for you. Choose the trip that suits your needs and enjoy a gastronomic journey through Boudoir Le Mariage!

Curious about what Boudoir Le Mariage has in store for you?

We guarantee that you will leave Boudoir Le Mariage with a culinary experience. In my restaurant you will discover various delicious flavors, where you can taste the respect for the fresh products. Come together with a friend, family or colleague and enjoy our culinary journey with an extensive course dinner!

Up to 6 people can do this through our reservation system. Would you rather book by phone? Please feel free to contact us by phone. Our restaurant is wheelchair friendly, so we are accessible to everyone. We can’t wait to receive you! 015 889 08 23

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