Let me show you the other side of food

Universal Cuisine

made up of creativity inspired by flavours from all over the globe, high quality standards to choose ingredients and to select procedures….


Boudoir Le Mariage has a cosy and embracing set up considering lighting, music selection, decor, and aroma. Perfect to enjoy the culinary experience …


Amazing, great, or good wine its always easy to find. But what really makes the difference is the selection, and to be able to select properly you must know…

Dining at home

Culinary dining

Our kitchen is made up of creativity inspired by flavours from all over the globe, high quality standards to choose ingredients and to select procedures.

Every element, flavour and colour in our dishes will come from its original source. No shortcuts in our cooking. The more effort we invest inside our kitchen the more you will be rewarded. Because without you as my guest I will not be able to satisfy my addiction of pleasuring people with my cooking.

Chef Monif provides delicious dishes every Tuesday to Sunday, which you can serve at the table in your own private environment.

With all dishes you will receive an explanation how you can serve this yourself. Would you rather be unburdened for an entire evening? Then you can book Chef Monif for a private dinner at home. You can find more information here.

We deliver every Tuesday to Sunday from 12:00 PM (noon)  to 7:00 PM.


About me

My name is Monif. I am the Chef/Owner of Boudoir le Mariage and I want to dedicate this section to talk about me, on how I became a Chef and how did I end up in The Netherlands doing what I love.

It is important to get to know each other. Specially these days when transparency, backgrounds and safety are so important. People should know who is cooking for them.
dineren delft

Boudoir le mariage DINEREN IN DELFT


Monday till wednesday: Private dining
Friday: 15:00 – 22:00
Saturday: 15:00 – 22:00
Sunday: 15:00 – 22:00


Our cuisine is full of creativity, inspired by flavors from all over the world and stamped with high quality standards to choose ingredients and select procedures.

This period stands for discovery! Chef Monif has been working hard on a new menu during the lockdown! This month we will introduce you to our menu, through our well-known tour around our menu. Of course we take your wishes and requirements into account. Be the first one to taste!

Unique experienc

Private dining in our restaurant

Enjoy a customized culinary experience with a private chef in our restaurant. Experience an exclusive dinner with an international chef at Boudoir Le Mariage.

Chef Monif makes you discover flavors and smells that you have never experienced before. Get ready and taste sensations you’ve never seen before!

Eating Healthy is my priority. All my cooking is from 0 and All flavours comes from an original source. Gluten, lactose, allergic restrictions? No problem! I got you cover and not lacking any flavour.