Gastronomic dining in Delft

Open kitchen restaurant

100% fresh products

Wheelchair accessible

Would you like to have a gastronomic dinner in Delft? At Boudoir Le Mariage you can enjoy my culinary creativity with fresh products and delicious flavors.

Personal contact with my guests is very important to me and that’s why I like to tell you more about my dishes. Through the open kitchen you can see exactly how your food is prepared with great ambiance.

boudoir le mariage

It is possible that you are curious about all our dishes. Then we advise you to take a Trip through Boudoir. Let us know if you have any allergies or wishes. Based on this, we create a menu just for you!

Gastronomic dining in an attractive restaurant in the center of Delft

If you want to eat out gastronomically in the center of Delft, you are welcome at Boudoir Le Mariage. I like to surprise and delight you with my culinary techniques and procedures, with which I always manage to create delicious flavors. In this way you can enjoy tasty gastronomic food in the heart of Delft during your evening out. My atmospheric restaurant is accessible to everyone, even if you are in a wheelchair. Everyone is therefore welcome!

Make a reservation or order your food for home

Do you want to have a nice evening out and would you therefore like to make a reservation for dinner at Boudoir Le Mariage? Please feel free to contact us. Would you rather enjoy my dishes at home in Delft instead of eating out? That is also possible: we offer options for delivery and collection. Order the desired dishes and enjoy optimally in your own environment!