Family day-out in Delft: 5 tips!

Do you want a weekend trip or a nice family day-out in Delft? Would you like to relax after a day full of museums and culture? Delft is versatile and perfect for a weekend trip in our own country. Beautiful sights, hotspots and highlights can be found in the center of Delft. Another great thing about Delft is that it is a compact city. So you don’t have to use public transport and you can walk or cycle everywhere. This way you see the city at its best and you also discover the nice streets and hidden gems. Due to its rich history and cozy center, this city is definitely worth a visit. Enjoy!

Five fun things to do in Delft:

1. Disco bowlen

Bowling is an activity that anyone can do, children, adults and even preschoolers with a little help. It is something where fun and sportsmanship are central. Bowling with the “right” music and light and smoke effects makes it even more fun.

Tip: Bowling is always fun for a staff outing or a day out with family/friends. At Boudoir Le Mariage you can end this day with a delicious snack!

2. Escape room

An escape room is a place where adults become children and children become adults. Remember what it was like to marvel, discover, fall and get up again, but always go on with an insatiable curiosity about what is behind the next door. You will experience mysterious, immersive and heart-pounding experience. One thing is certain: it will certainly not be a boring day out!

3. Shopping

A day of shopping is wonderful along the beautiful, fairytale-like canals in Delft. The city consists of unique hotspots and trendy boutiques. That is what makes Delft special. Shops in the city are generally open from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm and Friday is late night shopping.

A whole day of shopping always creates a nice appetite. In the city center there are many restaurants. But which one should you choose? At Boudoir Le Mariage we will always welcome you with love. Lunch, dinner or just a drink is all good. Our mini burgers are a favorite at the moment!

4. Climb the tower of the New Church

In addition to sporty, exciting and fairytale-like activities, you can also go on a historical outing in Delft. The Nieuwe Kerk is known for the Tomb of William van Orange. Fun fact: At 108.75 meters, the Nieuwe Kerk is the highest church tower in the Netherlands after the Dom Tower in Utrecht. It is a church building on the Markt in the center of Delft. You have an ideal view over Delft and the surrounding area. Climbing the church tower is therefore quite a task, but it is absolutely worth it!

5. Family day-out in Delft? Delicious dining along the canals

Would you like to take a boat trip or a long journey, but in Delft? At Boudoir Le Mariage it is possible! If you take a trip through Boudoir you can get acquainted with our dishes. Let us know if you have any allergies or wishes. Based on this, we create a menu especially for you.

We guarantee that you will leave Boudoir Le Mariage with a culinary experience. In my restaurant you will discover various delicious flavors, where you can taste the respect for the fresh products.

Would you like to make a reservation for lunch or dinner? Up to 6 people can do this through our reservation system at the bottom right. Would you rather book by phone? Please feel free to contact us by phone. We can’t wait to see you! 015 889 08 23

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