Dinner groups

Celebrating something special? Dinner groups? Looking for a location to dine with a group? That is perfectly possible at Boudoir Le Mariage! Celebrating a birthday party, a company outing or a wedding everything is  possible. We have a super nice backyard where you can celebrate your day and leave with a beautiful culinary experience. Keep reading to find out what we can do for you to make it a fantastic day. 


Finding a good location is essential. Boudoir Le Mariage is centrally located and easily accessible; both by public transport and by car. We have an incredibly beautiful garden available, which is ideal for celebrating something. It is important that you experience a festive experience, so we can, in consultation with you, transform the garden into your dream location.

If you plan to come to us with more than 6 people, we would like to ask you to contact our manager in advance.

The food

You can come to us for a delicious culinary dinner. Our cuisine is full of creativity, inspired by flavors from all over the world and stamped with high quality standards to choose ingredients and select procedures. Of course it is possible to put together a menu according to your wishes together with the chef. Led by our specialized staff, this is guaranteed to be a success.

Preparation dinner groups

Our team is happy to take care of all the organization. We discuss your wishes in advance and get to work with them. Nothing is too crazy at Boudoir Le Mariage and we will ensure that you have an unforgettable day. No stress, just party!


Are you curious about our possibilities? Contact us, because our team is happy to think along with you to make your day a success.